If everything turns out the way it’s supposed to after you read the life lessons I have shared in, “IF THIS BOOK DOESN’T HELP, it might be you!”
I will be out of a job.
At least that’s the plan.

Douglas W. Brooks

If This Book Doesn't Help,
It Might Be You

When every workplace has a strong positive culture, is healthy, productive, fulfilling, and dysfunction-free with only great leaders and honorable managers engaged every day, I will stop.

But to be honest with you, most days I feel no impending threat at all to my job security. However, on those special days when I see a leader practice what I have shared and I feel their honest desire to change, I get a little closer, even if by just one manager or one company at a time, to retirement.

I’m Doug Brooks and I want to invite you to read this book. For nearly 25 years I’ve committed myself to creating strong positive cultures in the workplace.
From coaching impressionable young line staff on how to deliver moon and stars customer service, corporate executives on how to be better more emotionally intelligent leaders, to organizations on how to create inspiring cultures and eliminate workplace dysfunction. I have parachuted into some of the most challenging countries and situations and have left knowing that my words have built worlds.

Along the way, I’ve worn lots of hats: pastor, therapist, executive coach, friend, professor, consultant, speaker, radio host, actor and blogger – all in an effort to make workplaces better for each and every one of us. This is my passion and my purpose.

So how did I get here? Early in my career I was fortunate enough to get the world’s worst boss. Dysfunction with a capital FUNC, replete with sex, drugs rock and roll plus all associated baggage. Through that experience, I realized two things:

  1. No one should ever have to work in that bombastic of an environment.  And
  2. I would make a difference and teach any that would listen how to create a positive workplace.

I next had the curse of working fifteen years for arguably the finest employee culture organization in the world, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.

There is no accepting mediocrity in the workplace after that!

These “ah-ha” experiences set in motion a plan that included getting a graduate degree in Organizational Development and Leadership as well as working toward a Doctorate in Education. I was also inspired to launch my own consulting practice Nexus Hospitality.

It turns out that very few Organizational Behaviorists have trained, worked and lived in as many diverse cultures or in as many types of private and public sector organizations; and so I’ve found myself in in a unique position to help.

Hence, “IF THIS BOOK DOESN’T HELP…it might be you!” was created.

In this book I have provided you 52 weeks of daily lessons, plans, conversations and learnings that have been collected along my journey.

A virtual Master’s degree of applications that I have gleaned from some of the most gifted leaders on the best ways to lead others awaits inside juxtaposed against old school thinking from the most dysfunctional bosses and unhealthy organizations.

Think of this book as a quick graduate degree with practical solutions to real problems that has taken someone else years to learn the hard way. That’s what you’ve got available to you.

So where do you begin? Start by buying the book. You will quickly see some of the most relevant applications that can help both you and your organization.
Good luck and I would love to hear how your words build worlds!

Doug Brooks