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About Nexus Hospitality

Underperforming or new developments specifically in emerging or distressed markets has been the focus for Nexus Hospitality and was born out of Doug Brooks’ determination to challenge organizational cultural development, customer service and project delivery standards worldwide.

That single word speaks volumes about our commitment to providing development options and customer acquisition solutions to companies looking to make a transformative difference in their industry.

About Douglas W. Brooks

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Senior Executive recognized for my ability to mobilize team and individual talents regardless of topic location or complexities. I bring the organisational vision to life while engaging and empowering people to achieve greater than expected results. I am known for hands-on proactive energy, integrity, extraordinary work ethic, intelligence, impeccable customer satisfaction, while instilling self-reliance, accountability, profitability, continual learning and fun!

My from-the-front leadership style, global industry luxury knowledge, contacts and polished set of
professional hospitality skills will ensure I make an immediately credible impact. Due to becoming
the go-to-guy on difficult projects for previous supervisors, I have been rehired multiple times by past companies.

Having been in the international hospitality industry through economic cycles, I have the experience of creating successful revenue and operating businesses in the form of corporate, resort, agri-hospitality, ground up development, debt/equity presentations, luxury farm to table, ski, golf, spa, casino and other unique destinations. Because of my natural optimism and relationship building skills, global networking experience and lead by example involvement, I am able to quickly gain credibility building teams around individuals strengths.

Due to my sales and operational experience, I understand the balance between top line and bottom line. I have also been responsible for a number of multi unit, interval ownership, HOA or property management/board responsibilities.

Douglas W. Brooks