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Twenty-five years of experience in the hotel and service industries gives us the insight and skills required to transform abstract goals and objectives into clear pathways to successful business practices.


What we do

Customer-Service-IconCustomer Service Training

Using the science of the Quality Selection Process, Nexus Hospitality will ensure that your employees are of the highest caliber and most suitable for their current positions. We will provide training designed to change behaviors and increase the level of customer service from your current staff. Employee engagement is the difference between training and culture change; Nexus commits to sustainable changes for your organization. With Nexus, your company can be assured to develop top performers amongst employees and gain increased customer satisfaction.

famFamily Business Consulting

Statistics have shown that 68% of all businesses worldwide are family owned and operated. Usually these organizations may or may not determine their core values and will leave the decision making to a senior family member who is a trusted advisor. However, this centralized decision making rarely lasts beyond a generation or two. Thereafter families may adopt a one person, one vote rule. This has its advantages, however it may be difficult to reach unanimous votes which may delay decisions on conflict resolution, succession planning and family discipline. Nexus Hospitality can provide a confidential, unbiased, trusted third party moderator to intervene and guide the emotional discussions and decisions. These interventions will be handled in a positive manner using Appreciative Inquiry or AI. AI is an organizational development method which focuses on increasing what an organization or family does well rather than dwelling on the negative. This Inquiry process appreciates the positive and engages all levels, seeking to renew, develop and build on those strong attributes so that the family can reframe their interactions. Nexus will develop your family business to ensure its longevity for generations to come.

Selection-IconSelection and Recruitment

Our unparalleled recruitment & selection science will allow your organization to efficiently & effectively identify and select groups of employees who fit the positions and culture within your company. Our validated selection process guarantees that the best fit for the available talent is determined, ensuring that each employee operates at their maximum potential, mutually benefiting the company, your employees, but most importantly your customers.

Org-Dev-IconOrganizational Development

Many people consider an organization’s culture to be “the way we do things around here.” However, oversimplifying in this manner can stunt the growth of your organization’s culture. A better way to think of your organization and its culture is that it exists at several levels. For an organization’s success, all levels must be understood and managed competently and cohesively. By providing your organization with strategies to develop its mission, vision, and values, Nexus will improve your organization’s effectiveness. Nexus will analyze your current leaders and employees using talent interviews to identify each individual’s strengths, weaknesses and potential. Through the development of your current leadership team, we will align your team with your company’s mission, vision and values thus creating a highly effective organization.

Hotel-Dev-IconHotel Development

With 30 years’ experience in the Hospitality Industry, Nexus can assist any investor through the process of developing and opening any size hotel or resort. Our professionals will follow through from planning, compliance, pre-opening marketing and staffing to maintaining award-winning standards for the life of the hotel. Nexus will contribute to all stages of development and position your organisation amongst the best in the Hospitality Industry.


How we do it

Using the science of interview technology and quality selection process, Nexus assesses individuals to identify their talents with an interview that eliminates subjectivity and personal bias. The process is scientifically proven and in uniformity with the American Psychological Association and British Psychological Society. The interviews used are based on over 50 years of research, and over 4 million in-depth interviews have been conducted and the results analyzed.

The simple formula is (Talent + Fit) x Investment = Growth. Talent is a natural ability, not acquired through effort, education or experience. Fit is when a person is in a situation where their natural talents are the ones needed for success. If you invest in employees who have the talent and fit them into the right position, you all will achieve growth.

At Nexus, we can identify those persons who have the talent and where they naturally will fit into your organization using the Quality Selection Process which is an effective solution that allows your organization to select top performing front line employees from telephone or in person interviews. By selecting persons based on their natural talents, we can transform your company into a Talent Based Organization that will provide better customer satisfaction and increase your company’s profitability.

If you are ready to learn more about the science of talent, please see the video for an in-depth explanation from Chief Operating Officer and Chief Pursuer of Excellence, Douglas Brooks.